Public policies programme in India

13 Oct

India is emerging as the fastest growing economies in the world, and this comes with its own related challenges related to justice, inequity, progress, and exclusion. The study of public policies helps to respond to the new dynamic challenges that emerge in society. It is an inevitable fact that every legislation needs to formulate clear policies, and this process needs trained professionals who will be equipped to design, evaluate and implement programmes and policies  

The best colleges for public policy in India train young students to become policy practitioner capable of supporting inclusive and sustainable development aiming at the interface between policy and law as our area. The public policy programme offers three unique degree programmes designed to give you an opportunity to create, analyze and articulate innovative policies that will help in tackling the most challenging issues faced by the nation. A degree in public policy will prepare students to tackle the challenges that arise in the competitive and continuously evolving areas of government and private policy analysis. 

public policy colleges in India offer this programme as a masters degree in arts (MA) which can provide the foundation of many careers in public and private sectors of the government, as well as non-profit sector. This degree sharpens the management and leadership skills and lays emphasis on research and statistical interpretation. Among the numerous job options, this degree can prepare recipients to work in politics, as policy analysis or lobbying.

As political analyst is hired to conduct researches and use the result to make a recommendation to a variety of government and other agencies. They use quantitative and qualitative methods which require statics and surveying, as well as conducting case studies in order to develop theories.

A lobbyist can work for public relation films, unions or government consulting firms. They must have great knowledge of the legislative process and know important policy maker. They have to make presentations to facilitate the meetings and hearings which are necessary to accomplish their goals.

Political scientist uses their leadership and management skills to assess how the public reacts to leadership. This professional might directly work for the government or for private and non-profit entities.

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